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I would say the 2022 Kawasaki KLX110R dirt bike raffle was a success. Another year we were blessed with a dirt bike and sold OUT of all our tickets.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day for the drawing. It was so freaking awesome to be surprised by Eric’s best friend Jimmy. He drove an hour and a half to come see Eric. A good dude he is!! It was very sweet of him to come all that way on his day off.

Thank you to RPM Cycles for being so kind to us. We look forward to next year. Thank you to my parents, GiGi and Bob, for the work you two put in to selling tickets and keeping track of all that goes with it.

Congrats to Jared England!! Hope you make many memories on this new dirt bike, while always keeping in mind the story behind the bike.

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Two Wheels for Jace-
Family Fun Day 2021

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Two Wheels for Jace

What a gorgeous day it was for the 3rd Annual Two Wheels for Jace ride.  We had a great turnout and are already preparing for next year. Thank you to all who came out to support our Jace Kinley. 

All For Jace!

Check out the pics from the

2nd Annual Two Wheels for Jace Ride:

Monster Jam-Mohawk Warrior

Many of you do not know of Jace's LOVE for Monster Jam. It started long before Jace got sick. Our DVR was loaded full of recorded Monster Jam shows and played on a constant loop per Jace's request.  

One of Jace's favorite Monster Jam trucks was the Mohawk Warrior.  Jace had every Mohawk Warrior truck I believe they made and those were among his go to trucks to use during his own Monster Jam show.  

When Jace got sick and wasn't able to walk, we would set up our dining room table to replicate an actual Monster Jam show. We would have live color commentators giving play by play, jump by jump which would make Jace smile and laugh which was our goal. 

Through the power of social media, Mohawk Warrior found out about our Warrior and it blew us away when he reached out to us. That is where the friendship began and we are so grateful for all the things Mohawk Warrior did to make Jace smile over his 347 day fight.


Bryce Kenny is one of the most selfless person we've met during our journey. He truly has a passion for helping others and is using his ability to reach others to  be able bring a smile to others faces. Bryce has created the platform to provide a space where he can share stories of families in need and reach out to a large group who rally behind the scenes to fulfill the need.  

One of the amazing things about what Bryce is doing is sharing stories from others who have gone through the trenches of cancer. Recently, Bryce and I sat down and discussed what and how others can help families that are going through cancer treatment.  

We hope you will take time to watch this candid conversation between two Warriors on "What Hurting Families Actually Need!."

Go check out his website and become a part of his Live Like Warriors. He's doing great things for others.  

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