What is DIPG

DIPG is a death sentence, but I will fight until my last breath.  For Jace.  

DIPG is said to be the worse of all pediatric brain cancers. It is an aggressive brain tumor and is inoperable because of its location.  The tumor is located in the pons of the brainstem which controls all bodily functions…breathing, swallowing, vision, walking, etc. It is considered terminal upon diagnosis.

DIPG strikes healthy, happy children between the ages of 4 and 12. These brain tumors are extremely rare. It strikes suddenly with no warning. There have been children as young as 9 months old to teenagers diagnosed with DIPG; adults can rarely be stricken.  It is said about 300 new cases of DIPG are diagnosed each year.  Many researchers believe that finding the cure for DIPG will lead to the cure for other pediatric brain cancers. Sadly, only about 4% of all cancer research funding goes to fund ALL pediatric cancer research.

How it is treated? 

Very, very few options.  First option is to do nothing and just make memories as long as you can.  Second option is radiation. Sadly, the only other option is to find a DIPG Clinical Trial and hope your child is accepted into the trial.  There are not many DIPG Clinical Trials in the country and the ones we do have are funded mainly by private donors.  

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