A message from your Warrior Jace Foundation Board

We here at the Warrior Jace Foundation are paying close attention to the current crisis and pandemic our country is now facing with COVID-19.  Our prayers are for health and safety during these times.  

Please know until we are past this national event, we will not be hosting any fundraisers that bring people in close proximity to each other.  However, our donate link is still live.  

Our prayers are with the public, the healthcare officials, first responders, grocery store staff, and anyone else that is on the front lines of this situation. 

We would appreciate you not forgetting our mission in raising awareness and funding for DIPG Clinical Trial Research, but you won't see us posting asking for donations.  We just pray you continue to remember Jace and our life's mission.  

With kindest regards-

The Warrior Jace Foundation

The Warrior Jace Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in honor of our precious 5 year old son, Jace Kinley Thompson, who courageously fought DIPG for 347 days.  He left us on October 5, 2018.

Our mission is to raise awareness of DIPG, an inoperable and aggressive pediatric brain tumor and to also provide funding specifically for DIPG Clinical Research Trials. 

Share us, talk about Warrior Jace and check back often for a list of current fundraising events.  
Or if you'd like to donate please do so by clicking the donate tab.  All proceeds from our fundraising efforts and online donations go specifically to DIPG Clinical Research Trials.  
The Warrior Jace Foundation’s goal of providing clinical trial research funding can only be successful with the help of our amazing volunteers.  We are always seeking volunteers who are
passionate about raising awareness for DIPG and sharing Jace's story.  Volunteering to participate in events and fundraisers is a perfect way to help us in our mission.   
                       Speakers available for programs and events.                                            Contact: sharonsanders@warriorjace.org 

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